Featured Products

Diamond Blades

Diamond saw blades


Segmented Diamond saw blades

Dry cutting for concrete, marble, ceramic, bricks and granite etc.

Turbo rim (wave) diamond blades

Dry & Wet cutting for concrete, Cement sheet / Board, Reo, marble, ceramic, bricks and granite etc.

Continuous rim diamond blades

Wet cutting for ceramic, Floor & Wall tiles, Porcelain, Terracotta, Glass, Fibreglass, Marble, Limestone etc.
HSS Saw Blades

High speed steel saw blades


HSS cold saw blades

For both ferrous and non-ferrous metal cutting, used on manual, semi-automatic and full automatic cold saw machine
PCD saw blades

Polycrystalline Diamond saw blades


Polycrystalline tooling has extraordinary wear resistance. With a longer tool life and enhanced product quality, PCD tooling is a cost effective investment for your difficult to machine materials.


PCD tipped Engineered wood cutting blades

Cut Hardboard, MDF, Chipboard / Particle Board, Plywood, Softwoods, Hardwoods, Sleepers, Timber Planks, Weather Board
TCT saw blades

Carbide tipped saw blades


Tungsten Carbide Tipped Saw Blades make up the majority of saw blades used in Industrial Cutting applications.


Different grades of Carbide are available to saw Soft/hard wood, Engineered wood, Ferrous & Non Ferrous Metals, Nails and many other applications.


Carbide & Cermet tipped cold saw blade

For ferrous metal cutting, used on CNC cold saw.

Aluminum cutting saw blade

For non-ferrous metal cutting (aluminum, brass, copper etc.)

Steel & Metal dry cut saw blades

Cut stainless steel, angle irons, steel studs, sheets, pipes, redbars, conduit, channels etc.

Panel saw blades

Cut MDF, Particle board, Laminates, Melamine, Plywood, Acrylic sheets

General purpose saw blade

For wood cutting and metal cutting

About Us


Hanma Tools is a partnership company established in 2014, it was born to be a professional manufacturer.

Till now It has become a name of quality and fast-developing brand in Danyang where the cutting tool industry is located. It has been operationalized to be the leading manufacturer of industrial saw blades in Danyang and has made supply chain spread over the world.

All our customers have enjoyed a decent relationship with us, not just because our quality is good, but also because we give them with the most economic rates, we aim to remain the relationships mutually beneficial.

Quality Control

  • The blade bodies are made of world class steel from Germany and Japan, they are designed on computer and processed by laser cut or wire-electrode cutting.
  • Each blade is well surface ground for excellent flatness.
  • All industrial quality blades are hammer tensioned by highly experienced technicians.
  • All manufacturing process are completed by advanced automatic equipment.
  • Arbor holes are honed to tolerance within 0.01mm to ensure perfect arbor fit.
  • Premium quality tips with precise sharpening ensures accurate and consistent cutting angles.